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SeySoo Consulting

Under the Audit & Consulting services, SeySoo will dwell in the preamble to the understanding of the requirements and challenges of the client. Taking into account that the context and the environment is an essential element in the progress of the mission to achieve the objectives set by the client. The types of intervention are multiple: missions of audit and advocacy, assessment resources Mission, Missions of consulting, personal support and expertise when dealing with managers or policy makers, etc...The areas of intervention in terms of auditing and consulting are: Enterprise Information System, Adequacy and compliance with information system needs. Review of the organization, methods of planning and control. Assessment of training and staff qualification. Analysis of external benefits (interest cost, risk). Assessment of the quality, availability and understanding of the documentation. Capacity assessment, performance, compatibility, scalability. Highlighting imperfect uses. Etc...

Organization and Management Technique

The project approach, Vision Service, Technical management, the organization, the impact of technology, the opening of information systems, taking into account the transformation, Change management, the dematerialization of the Information, Outsourcing processes and resources, the reactive and proactive models, Innovation, Knowledge Management, Management of customer relationship, etc..

Internet, E-Business Strategy, Web Marketing, etc...

The establishment of a true Internet strategy is not only confined to the implementation of technical capacity. It is then up to the company to conduct a truly global thinking by integrating its business, its market, its expertise, and its objectives in terms of value creation according to the possibilities offered by Internet technologies. When it comes to creating value through technology and Internet services for a company, we can list:


Communication on the image to increase its visibility, boost a brand, reinforce or counteract preconceived ideas. Communication and information about a product, service, event, etc...

Reaching better the target such as Best Customers, Partners, Suppliers, etc... The objective is to recruit a target to improve the knowledge of a target, to meet the expectations and retain a target.

The Provision of additional services, specific to the Internet extension services, provided by the company. The implementation of a new sales channel for products or services via the purchase and payment online an Internet strategy can be developed over time by repetitive process with the definition of measurable objectives and regular measurement results. This strategy must be based on a set of skills (marketing, technical, graphic, legal ...).It is in this context that SeySoo offers to accompany you in the implementation and monitoring of an Internet strategy, coordinating and carrying out any type of benefits.