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National Agency of digital infrastructures and frequencies / ANI NC (Gabon)

SeySoo accompanies the National Agency for Digital Infrastructure and

Frequencies (ANINF) of the Republic of Gabon as chief assistant

 (AMOE) in the project e-t @ x concerning the Establishment of a system of "teleprocedures" in the General management of Taxes DGI, (Direction Générale des Impots) of Gabon. As part of its policy of simplification  of  reporting and payment procedures and its action plan, the DGI has decided to implement  a new service called "e-t @ x", allowing taxpayers to fulfill their declarations and payment of associated taxes on an online platform. This new service will be available to all taxpayers in Gabon (legal persons and individuals).The development of the application e-t @ x was entrusted to ANINF who will develop this future application (ANINF acts as project manager of the work).In this context, the team SeySoo is:

  • Responsible for the technical architecture, programming, security exchanges, continuity of operation (determining the necessary configurations, materials and operating system), the design of backup solutions and degraded operation and the choice of language and designing tools.
  • In charge of ordering materials and designing tools;
  • Responsible for designing, engineering and revenue performance measures in the project "e-t @ x";
  • Responsible for training and improving skills of the ANINF technical team on the J2EE technologies.