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MEDICIs is an application for the management of medical offices, which offers different functionalities:

Management of appointments: MEDIC’IS facilitates you in making your appointments and managing your schedule.

Management of your patient records:  MEDIC’IS allows you to easily find all the information about your patients in a few clicks. So you no longer have to store tons of files in your cabinet.

Billing: MEDIC’IS gives you the ability to directly edit your bills and calculate the total directly for companies IPM companies.

MEDIC’IS is a scalable and flexible tool, optimized for the Firefox browser on Windows, Linux and Mac MEDIC’IS is a flexible and scalable tool, adaptable to your internal system. Depending on your specific needs functionalities can be added to the software.

Ergonomic tool and user-friendly: singling out the comfort of use, customized menus, simplified keyboarding, multi searches enable rapid implementation and a simple and intuitive use.

A tool with secured access: via a system of password access, it is possible to manage access by user, by function or position.

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